Our Mission

“BRICS+ Analytics” is a consultancy firm that aims to develop novel approaches to building international economic cooperation within the framework of the BRICS+ circle. It seeks to explore the possible modalities of the BRICS+ format across the key international fora and organizations such as the G20, IMF, World Bank, WTO. The firm will also evaluate customized modalities of BRICS+ economic cooperation with practically any single developing economy that seeks to establish ties with the BRICS block. “BRICS+ Analytics” will aim to develop cutting-edge research and analysis that will enrich the policy debate around the future of the BRICS+ platform and the ongoing transformation of the global economy.  

In “BRICS+ Analytics” we believe in a better future for the global economy through addressing some of the glaring imperfections in the existing global governance framework. One of such inefficiencies in the current system of global governance is the absence of a platform of cooperation among the regional groups/associations and their development institutions. Many of the concepts developed by “BRICS+ Analytics” founders, including the concept of BRICS+ itself, were based on the need to bridge these divides and address the lack of communication lines on the international arena. We see the “integration of integrations”, i.e. cooperation among the regional blocks and integration arrangements, as a promising venue for creating new communication lines for international diplomacy, not only within the framework of BRICS+, but across the entire global economy.