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What is BRICS+

BRICS+ is an extension of the economic and political cooperation beyond the limits of the BRICS circle. In effect BRICS+ is about transforming BRICS into an open and inclusive platform that is open to cooperation with any country, block or region in the world economy.

About Yaroslav Lissovolik

From 2018 to 2022 he has been Senior Managing Director — Head of Research at Sberbank Investment Research (CIB). In 2023 he founded BRICS+ Analytics to conduct in-depth research on the future trajectories of BRICS+ development…

Latest articles

  • Thailand prepares for BRICS entry

    Thailand prepares for BRICS entry

    The circle of developing economies expressing the desire to join the BRICS grouping continues to expand in 2024 and this time it is one of the largest economies in Southeast Asia. According to Thailand’s Government spokesman Chai Wacharonke, on May 28, 2024 the cabinet approved a draft of the official letter that indicates Thailand’s intention…

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  • Business model innovation in EM: towards a BRICS+ business model

    Business model innovation in EM: towards a BRICS+ business model

    In the discussions on the future evolution of the BRICS+ format the macro perspective as well as the geo-political/geo-economic view frequently overshadow the micro-level discussions regarding new business models and firm-to-firm modes of cooperation to be employed by entrepreneurs. In reality, the BRICS+ construct as a macro-level concept that envisages various forms of international cooperation…

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  • Singapore trip notes (part 2)

    Singapore trip notes (part 2)

    In Singapore you come to realize that this is the ultimate frontier of the world economy – the country is faced with a plethora of challenges and constraints that it has to constantly monitor, evaluate and deliver an effective response. It also has to devise long-term plans of how these challenges are to be met…

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